Wave Pumps


The Rig was published first time in 1979 in the newspaper of Sunnmørsposten, Norway, and later in Teknisk Ukeblad.
Today Float Incorporated in the USA uses this technology and called it the PSP(Pneumatically Stabilized Platform).
All cylinders are open to the sea and when air moves freely from cylinder to cylinder only the wave pump takes energy from the waves.
The wave pump has been tested in the Danish wave energy program from 1997 to 2001 with good results.

How it works

wave pump

The main parts are two tubes D and G. G somewhat wider than D.
Tube D is welded to the platform (B) and tube G to the buoy F. Waves move the buoy down and the wave pump takes water through the valve L and when the buoy moves upwards, the valve E opens for pressurized water to the chamber K.
The tube H leads water to the turbines.
The pneumatically stabilized platform (B) floats at pressurized air, which makes the sea level inside the platform (J) lower than the sea level outside (C).