OWWE-Rig (single module) Wave energy technology must withstand the force of monster waves and great concern must be taken to make the rig strong enough. The picture shows an OWWE-Rig made to handle monster waves. A full size module messures 300m. The aim is to make energy from hybrid wave and wind rigs at the same price as wind turbines ashore and the rig at the picture is an answer to that challenge.

OWWE-Rig Comparing




The hybrid wave power rig uses two wave converting technologies in addition to wind mills.
The main system is a pneumatic float in the category of overtopping as Wave Dragon.
In addition the pneumatic float can house point absorbers.
The hybrid wave power rig is based on the patented wave energy converter from 2005.

Link to the patent: Pat. no: 318295 and design no: 081332


Cross section

cross section

How it works

Fig. 1 and 2 show a cross section of the wave power rig.
F can be compared with a beach, B with a ferry tail gate and C a ferry. The wave climbs the beach and the ferry tail gate. The ferry will rice when water comes into basin D, and big waves makes the basin bigger, as shown in fig. 2.
The height between the ferry level and the water outside the rig (G) makes the pressure at turbine E. The pressure and the amount of water through the turbine decide how much energy the wave power rig produces.
More water at the basin makes the wave power rig heavier and more air is needed inside the construction to trim for the desired height
A wave power rig needs tree modules to make it stable when pneumatically stabilized platforms are used. When pressurized air moves freely inside the rig the waves have less impact at the construction as a hole, and it will withstand bigger waves.
The turbines are normally placed in centre of the rig.